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The Nose Knows 

12th July 2019

I have been involved in nosework since 2012 and I am still AMAZED by how outstanding the dogs nose is.  

We share our homes with sniffing machines yet spend most of the time deterring them from sniffing things and why?  Because it is not how we think they should behave.  

A new visitor to the home, the dogs natural instinct is to sniff their butt yet this is not socially acceptable so we interrupt them, and many owners do the same when dogs meet other dogs, they interrupt the butt sniff as it is not how we think they should say hello.

By sniffing the anal glands and the hormones and pheromones secreted there, a dog can tell all they need to know about their new acquaintance.

Remember whilst we SEE the world, our dogs SMELL it.

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Scent Meet

7th May 2019

Last night was meet night for our 'squadies' (those who have attended either our courses or workshops) to practice different searches and work on indications and search patterns.  

I like to make the meets varied and challenging so last night we started our people searches for the first time.  It went down well with both dogs and handlers and helped the handlers understand the way odour moves from a moving hide.

Odour isn't just mobile, it isn't just affected by air temperature and air flow, it swirls and eddies with movement and dances around obstacles making the search a complex challenge.

Mantrailing - The Dark Art

7th October 2019

Mantrailing is referred to as the dark art and I can totally understand why.  I have worked with dogs for over 20 years, studied their behaviour and their body movements and worked my dogs in lots of different sports over the years yet nothing challenges you more than observing a dog that is trailing.

The micro movements whilst on the move and following a trail you cannot see is challenging but it has it's merits.  The task for both dog and handler is not an easy one but the results are a stronger team feeling and a great game to play.

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Bobby Search Dog

A Competitors View.  

28th October 2019

Kerry & Bobby only started their scentwork journey in July and they have really got the bug.

Read Kerry's view on how a trial makes you feel.

Bobby & I took part in Sunday's L1 trial, with almost all those competing from K9sasUK.

We arrived early (anyone that knows me, knows I always arrive at least 30mins early for everything!) and sat drinking my latte and pondering on how the morning may unfold.

I started going through in my mind all of the searches we had practiced in meet ups, and at home, and all the advice and training we had been given from our first trial a month previous (which by the way wasn't very successful but was totally worth entering as it taught me a lot!).

Bobby isn't the most confident spaniel, and I'm very much the sort of person that will jump in at the deep end and see what happens, so poor Bobby does have to put up with me entering him up for things, sometimes before he is really ready.

So after only 3 months since starting our scentwork journey we had already gone through our first trial to which we discovered we had a 'false indication' issue to resolve before we went through another trial.

This Sunday was our second trial, and was going to be a test of nerves & trust.

I was going to have to watch every single detail in Bobby's body language, from the way he moved his head on an indication to the way he air scented, to his tail movements, before I was going to be brave enough to hold my arm up and call it.

This trial was going to be a gauge on whether we had cracked the false indications issue and also if I could confidently watch & differentiate between the minute differences in his body language to work out whether he was giving me a true indication or a false one, whilst under the scrutiny of the judge.

Thankfully the trial was super relaxed with all fellow squaddies going through their own dog & handler issues & worries, and I can honestly say that doing your first couple of trials on home turf really allows you to relax into the whole trial experience & even if your day isn't going to plan, like ours last time, you know you have the support of all the squad keeping your spirits up, and taking your mind off of the next looming search. We were all watching out for each other on the running order and making sure no one missed their slot.

We were fortunate enough that we had 2 judges for this trial, so it kept the time waiting between searches down, not allowing you too much time to ponder or worry, or for the dogs to get bored or zone out.

Both judges Sue & Heather gave great, constructive feedback on each of the 4 searches, which really helps a newbie, as to what went right and what could be improved... this allows you to take this feedback away to work on before your next trial.

2 personal highs from Bobby's searches was his vehicle search, as he went past the hide, then air scented all the way back, to correctly find it, but as the wind was quite strong it had blown the scent across the vehicle, and he caught the scent and worked back. I've never seen him do this so visibly before and without any guidance from me.

His boxes & luggage search was another great search, as he was about to false indicate at one of the boxes, but his body language wasn't quiet right, so I found the confidence to work him on, and fortunately he found the hide on another piece of luggage, so for me it was a small breakthrough that I had understood the difference in his body language, and had the confidence to work him on, which I wouldn't have done a month ago.

I would recommend to everyone that wants to eventually trial, and doesn't feel confident enough or that they aren't quite ready, to give it a go when trials are run at K9sasUK as it is totally relaxed, and although you are being judged, you can kind of pretend it's just another search at one of our regular meets.

Everyone is willing to answer any questions you have and guide you through the whole process.

You can honestly learn so much from entering a trial, from issues you didn't realise you or your dog had, which can sometimes be highlighted in feedback from the judge to even how your dog behaves or copes in between searches whilst waiting in the car/van.

All of these small things really help you develop as a handler and as a team with your dog.. it's all about learning to understand each other during and in between searches.

Nose work has truly cemented a great bond between Bobby & I, as we are now starting to truly understand each other, which I don't think many other activities can do in quite the same way. It's all about teamwork, intuition, and trust.

Well done to everyone that took part, you all made a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Thank you to Jo, judges Sue & Heather and scribes Danielle & Dawn for a wonderful (if a bit chilly) morning.'

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