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The Nose Knows 

12th July 2019

I have been involved in nosework since 2012 and I am still AMAZED by how outstanding the dogs nose is.  

We share our homes with sniffing machines yet spend most of the time deterring them from sniffing things and why?  Because it is not how we think they should behave.  

A new visitor to the home, the dogs natural instinct is to sniff their butt yet this is not socially acceptable so we interrupt them, and many owners do the same when dogs meet other dogs, they interrupt the butt sniff as it is not how we think they should say hello.

By sniffing the anal glands and the hormones and pheromones secreted there, a dog can tell all they need to know about their new acquaintance.

Remember whilst we SEE the world, our dogs SMELL it.

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Scent Meet

7th May 2019

Last night was meet night for our 'squadies' (those who have attended either our courses or workshops) to practice different searches and work on indications and search patterns.  

I like to make the meets varied and challenging so last night we started our people searches for the first time.  It went down well with both dogs and handlers and helped the handlers understand the way odour moves from a moving hide.

Odour isn't just mobile, it isn't just affected by air temperature and air flow, it swirls and eddies with movement and dances around obstacles making the search a complex challenge.

Our Latest Blog Entry

May 6th 2019

After trying to run the nosework alongside the training page it seemed the right time to split this growing business.

I hope you like the new website, please let me know if anything is missing.

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