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Our History

Jo has worked full time as a dog trainer and behaviour trainer and since 2003 when she established K9 Solutions.  After looking for something new to bring to her clients she attended a workshop in 2012 on pet dog scent detection and that was it - hooked!  

Nosework found it's self in the class curriculum in 2015 and it's popularity meant that in 2018 K9 Scent & Search UK launched, a dedicated nosework business brining training and progress to pet dog teams but it wasn't until COVID lockdown in 2020 that she had the time to take a step back and look at where she wanted the businesses to go, her work load and client commitments kept K9 Scent & Search on the side lines but the time off allowed Jo to restructure both businesses and from 2020, she teaches nothing but nosework not only to her own clients but travels up and down the country running problem solving workshops and training days for other scentwork clubs.

Sue has worked along side Jo from the very beginning and whilst Jo was away working, she kept the classes running but in 2022 it was obvious that it the business was too big for just the 2 trainers so Jo began a mentoring programme with 3 hand picked trainers - Sharon, Tracy & Wendy

Jo Crosby-Deakin



Co Founder The National Nosework Association

Scentwork UK trainer, Trials Manager and Judge to Level 8

WSDA Green & Blue Instructor

Skills for Justice Trailing Dog Handler

I have attended too many training courses, workshops and seminars to list but my search for knowledge continues every day.

From my first workshop back in 2012 I was addicted, it was such a different sport to what I had been used to and I wanted to bring it to the pet dog owners so they could enjoy it as much as I did and made the move to full time nosework trainer 2020.

Although it was Olive who started the scentwork journey with me, she preferred obedience and tricks to sniffing things out but my longhaired weimaraner, Ehren was more than happy to take her place and our journey together has been amazing. 

Ehren has been and still is an amazing dog. We have worked our way through the Scentwork UK Levels and are just about to move to the final stage of Level 8, we completed our Skills for Justice Mantrailing Team in August 2019 with the British Mantrailing Academy and we have done so much together and loved every moment.

In 2019, I thought it would be fun to add a working cocker spaniel to the family and it has been awesome, so much so that 2 years later, I added another.  Affectionately known as the Feral Twins, Flea and Tic are everything you could hope for in a detection dog.

In 2021 I began my NASDU Operational training with Flea, we achieved our Level 3 Tobacco Detection Dog License, it was a wonderful journey which has led to operational deployments with Trading Standards and we have enjoyed the challenges of real life detection. 

Tic joined us in November 2020 and by March 2021 we gained our NASDU Level 3 Proactive Drugs Detection license.

I am a co-founder of The National Nosework Association offering competitions to pet dog teams across the Country.

I have trained and studied and practiced and competed bringing each area of my study to the operational level of training.

Jo Crosby-Deakin

Suzanne Olford 

After an invitation to take part in a photo shoot for Jo’s very first scent workshops back in 2016 with my Boxer, Duke I became involved in the sport and competed with him until 2021 when he retired due to his advancing years.

In 2019 Luther, my gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel came into my life and he has been a joy to work with.

We compete in Scentwork UK and The National Nosework Association Trials and absoloutely love it as much as when I first started with Duke, if not more so. 

 I am very proud to have been awarded The National Nosework Association Gundog League winner and even more so to have won Team of the Year.

I have trained with World Scent Dog Associaton and worked alongside Jo for many years now and have taught classes, workshops and one to one nosework. I am a Trials Manager and Judge for Scentwork UK and a Trials Official and Judge for The National Nosework Association.

Suzanne Olford KCAI (CD)

Sharon Hunt

My love of dogs started at a young age but coming from a large family, I wasn’t able to have a dog of my own so would spend my time walking our neighbours dogs.

In 2005 I finally got my first puppy, a gorgeous Labrador Retriever called Spike (named by my son!) and so the journey began with obedience and being part of a display team, we done some trick and agility dispalys but the fun began when I found out my local club was offering Heelwork to Music classes and let’s just say that Spike was a natural, me, not so much.

In 2017 Fudge joined the family, another Labrador Retriever and in this same year I was cajoled in to becoming a trainer for the club I was with.

2019 saw me attending and passing The British Institute of Professional Pet Dog Trainers but also the loss of Spike.

Fudge and I were enjoying our HWTM and we also do Pet Gun Dog, obedience and he loves swimming.

Scentwork caught my eye and in 2020, just before COVID hit, I attended workshops at K9 Scent & Search UK and that was it, hooked!!

After COVID I was out every possible moment training with Fudge and decided that maybe a course would help us on our journey so I did the SWUK Instructors course in 2021 and began the mentoring programme with Jo not long after.

I am now proud to say that I am one of the training team at K9 Scent & Search UK taking classes, doing one to one training and running some of the Intro workshops and I am also a Trials Official for The National Nosework Association.

Tracy King

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am one of the training team at K9 Scent & Search UK.

At present I have 4 dogs, Maisie a 14 year old Westie, a Scottie/Westie called Harvey who is 11 years old, Peggy another Scottie x Westie who is 9 years old and a Stabyhoun called Inca 3 years old.

My dog training journey goes back several years and in 2018 I decided to cement my knowledge a bit more and attended The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers course, passing with honours and also took a years course at Writtle University on Canine Care & Management.

2020 I attended my first scent workshop at K9 Scent & Search UK and was hooked! Sadly, lockdown meant I never got back for the next part of the workshop until much later that year but once we were back the obsession kicked in and in November 2021 I complete my Scentwork UK Trainers course and though enjoyable it highlighted how much Jo had to offer so after some begging and cajoling, Jo agreed to mentor me and after a year of shadowing, supported learning and guidance I am now let loose on the clients and take regular classes and lead some of the Intro Workshops.

I am a bit of a nervous competitor but Inca and I have worked our way up to Level 5 with Scentwork UK and recently started taking part in The National Nosework Association trials and even managed to gain a few badges.

I am a Trials Official for The National Nosework Association and hope to complete my Judges training later this year.

Wendy Linge

Hi, I am Wendy and I have 2 dogs Teddy (cocker spaniel) and Winnie (Am Bull x).

I have had dogs all my adult life and have been involved in agility, obedience and gundog but Scentwork really captured my interest and for me it was addictive. 

 I have spent the last year being mentored by Jo and now teach regularly for her at the Canvey classess and help out on workshops when she is travelling as well as becoming a Trials Official for The National Nosework Association.

I love to compete with both Teddy & Winnie in Scentwork UK trials and The National Nosework Association stages and this year Winnie was joint winner of The National Nosework Association Crossbreed League Awards.

Working with new teams and helping them build their skills and confidence for the sport has been amazing, long may it continue.

Here’s what we’ve been working on

K9 Scent & Search UK


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